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With over two decades of experience in the global merchandising and licensing industry, Mr. Wiesner remains a powerhouse for celebrities and fortune 500 companies seeking global endorsement deals.

In 1996, while major endorsement companies shied away from endorsing Michael Jackson’s history world tour, he innovatively generated millions of dollars through internal merchandising process. From a Michael Mystery Energy Drinks that generated over 10 Million dollars of profits within the first quarter of its launch, to countless variations of music products and memorabilia, Michael’s History tour went on to break the Guinness book of world records as the most profitable tour of our generation.

The enormous financial success of the tour endeared Michael to Mr. Wiesner leading to his appointment as his Personal Manager. Within two years Mr. Wiesner was at the helm of Michael Jackson’s empire as his exclusive Business manager, overseeing all of his business projects.

The plethora of personal contacts they garnered together over the following decade was unparalleled. From Royalties such as Prince Alwaleed, Prince of Brunei, global entrepreneurs such as Al Fayed, to the who’s who of the business world, all looked forward to the personal visits and long weekend stays Michael and Mr. Wiesner made.

Mr. Wiesner continues to nurture these personal powerful relationships that till today remain very instrumental in attracting the countless offers of fortune 500 firms seeking his services of building key business relations.

Across sectors as diverse as commodities, where as recently as this year a leading Japanese export company in “rare earth” sought his services in presenting their company to a key German decision maker, to European Entrepreneurs or firms see-king to have global athletes, singers or actors endorse their products, Mr. Wiesner feels right at home in establishing the right connection.

Leaning back in his Chair, Mr. Wiesner plays around with his blackberry and repeats the tenet of his business.

“There is only one way Michael and I did business. We always called the decision maker directly and spent the whole time listening and getting to know him personally. The person was always more important than the transaction at hand. It is the only effective way I know. Until Michael comes back and tells me otherwise, my contacts will remain my capital”

Michael Jackson - The True Story

"25th June, 2009, for a moment the world stops spinning...
Michael Jackson, the King of Pop is dead."

Two years have passed and there are still questions left unanswered. Why did Michael Jackson have to die? Why just when he was about to have his great comeback? Who profited from his death?

By Dieter Wiesner - Michael Jackson‘s long time confidant and manager


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was and is, without any doubt, one of the greatest artists in music history. In his over 40 years spanning career, the «King of Pop» sold more than 800 million records. His outstanding and record-breaking album "Thriller" alone sold more than 60 million copies worldwide and is -still to this day- the biggest selling album of all time. Jackson, in three world tours, performed in front of over a billion people. Each of his concerts has always been sold out. Michael Jackson is a global brand with an awareness level that is only surpassed by Coca-Cola. During his unique and outstanding career, Michael Jackson relied on Dieter Wiesner's experience and skills as General Manager and CEO of many Michael Jackson business areas (Licensing, Merchandising, Franchising) for more than 10 years. In 2002, Dieter Wiesner became Michael Jackson's personal manager and brought the pop icon back in to the public's eye and interest. Moreover, Wiesner formed a new world-class team (advisors, lawyers, co-workers) around Jackson that came up exactly to Michael Jackson's conception. Several TV Specials as well as exclusive, and carefully selected appearances heavily improved the King of Pop's financial situation. Due to Jackson's personal life, finances, and career being in up wind, Wiesner prepared -together with Jackson- the pop legend's biggest dream to become true: the acquisition of one of the world's most renowned animated video companies.

  • 1996: The Official Michael Jackson Energy Drink
  • 2000: Reorganization Licensing and Merchandising Business
  • 2002: Bambi Awards, Berlin: Popstar of the Millennium
  • Troubleshooting "Living with Michael Jackson" TV documentary (PR Management, stop of the DVD production and its release)
  • Power of Attorney for Dieter Wiesner
  • Reorganization of the Jackson Camp: Lawyers, Advisors, Accountants, Co-Workers (due to Jackson's request to "change the system")
  • TV Special "Michael Jackson Interview: Take Two"
  • TV Special "Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies"
  • Radio Music Awards, Las Vegas: What More Can I Give w/ Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and others.
  • 2003 Restraining order against the sale of a Michael Jackson memorabilia collection
  • 2003 Development of "MJ Universe" - a complete reorganization of Michael Jackson's private life and business
  • Preparation, M&A CineGroup
  • Preparation, M&A Marvel Characters, Inc.

In this Exclusive Video, Michael Jackson further to his written, notarized power of attorney statement to Dieter Wiesner, puts it in words.
You can watch him specify that he gives Dieter Wiesner full authority over all of his business affairs.

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